Le Dôme
Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. Where’s the Restaurant Located?
    Le Dôme is located on No.4, Ion Ghica Street, Bucharest, Romania. Press here for map [ CLICK ]
  • 2. What are the Hours of Operation?
    Le Dôme Brasserie is open from 9am to 11pm from Monday to Sunday. Le Dôme Restaurant is open from 12pm - 11pm Sunday to Monday, and on Friday and Saturday from 12pm - 4am.
  • 3. Do you take Reservations? Can I text my Reservations?
    Reservations can be made online [ BOOK ], or by calling at +40 738 533 663.
  • 4. Is there a Dress Code?
    Smart elegant. We respectfully ask guests to refrain from wearing sportswear, flip-flops, and non-tailored shorts. Guests who do not comply the dress code policy will be denied entry to our restaurants and bars.
  • 5. Do you serve Breakfast?
    Our healthy yet indulgent Breakfast menu is the perfect choice for a relaxed and exquisite mid-morning dining. Available between 9AM - 11:30AM every day.
  • 6. Is this a good place for Lunch?
    Le Dôme is the perfect choice for lunch or dinner while enjoying the exceptional wine list and signature cocktails, delivered with flawless service in beautiful surroundings.
  • 7. Can you accommodate groups of 15, 20, 30 people?
    For group reservations please contact us at + 40 738 533 663.
  • 8. Do you host Parties?
    In addition to our exquisite decor and culinary expertise, Le Dôme hosts fantastic, lively dinners every Friday and Saturday.
    Beautiful soirees with jazz music, piano bars, renowned DJs, and themed nights are just a few of our events that will change the way you dine and dance.
  • 9. Is there parking nearby?
    Our valet parking is only a pickup/drop-off zone, therefore, please only stop as long as is necessary to get in or out of the vehicle. The closest parking area is accessible here [ CLICK ] and is situated near Le Dôme.

To us, luxury is a genuine sense of belonging. Expect traditional Romanian hospitality as well as delicious international cuisine, a carefully curated wine list, and exquisite cocktails that complement the stunning decor.


+40 738 533 663
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