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Le Dôme
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Le Dôme is the portal to the charming Bucharest of the Belle Époque, a romantic era of peace and prosperity in which the bohemian lifestyle crossed paths with breathtaking architectural vision.

Located in the heart of the capital on the border of the old and new city, our unique architectural heritage is complemented by timeless cuisine and a vibrant atmosphere in which you can relive the past while creating the present and disclosing the future.


+40 738 533 663


Enjoy our Emerald Room's exquisite fine-dining experience, complete with live music and perfectly mixed cocktails, or choose our Brasserie for a more intimate experience with a cosmopolitan vibe.


The Restaurant

The exquisite Emerald Room at Le Dôme, known for its stunning decor and vivid atmosphere, adds a new level of sophistication and elegance to your occasion, whether it's a business lunch or a stylish night out with friends.



The Emerald Room is ideal for morphing a dinner into a full-blown party.
From Friday to Saturday, the multi-sensory dining experience is the top choice for those looking for an electric night out, with resident DJs, live music bands, and international guests.

To us, luxury is a genuine sense of belonging. Expect traditional Romanian hospitality as well as delicious international cuisine, a carefully curated wine list, and exquisite cocktails that complement the stunning decor.


+40 738 533 663
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